Damage Management Policy

What happens if you cause damage to the Vehicle during your rental?

Olala has a clear damage policy in place to explain how these damages will be charged to you as soon as they are caused during your rental.

Please note that, depending on the type of protection associated with the rental vehicle (third party or all risks), you may not have to pay for damage to the Vehicle, or you may be partially responsible for it. For more information, please refer to our General Conditions of Insurance and Protection.


If Damage is found at the time of the return of the Vehicle during the inspection carried out, in your presence and that of the agent Olala or his representative, and if you recognize the said Damage by signing the state of return of the Vehicle, Olala will send you an invoice describing the repair costs and administrative costs of damage treatment and immobilization of the Vehicle.

Repair costs vary depending on whether the damage is rated as light or not:

– A slight Damage (that is to say a Minor Damage to the Vehicle which does not alter its surrender to the lease and allows its circulation in accordance with the rules of the Highway Code such as: scratch (es); lightly impacted breeze, scratched bumper (s)) is billed according to the Olala recommended price list available at the agency.

– Any other serious and more serious Damage altering the lease of the Vehicle and requiring its temporary immobilization for repair such as, for example, in particular; damaged bodywork. This type of damage will be assessed in accordance with an assessment of the cost of an independent car repair garage.


If you wish to dispute the identified damages or their repair costs, You must contact us by email or simple letter within a period of fourteen (14) days from the sending of said documents. At the end of this fourteen (14) day period, Olala may charge you the amount of said repairs and the administrative costs of the damage treatment.